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How to Engage Your School in Global Issues

Your chapter or council is capable of doing projects that reach beyond your own school and community.

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How to Engage Your School in Global Issues

By Nadine Rodriguez

As part of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) and National Student Council, I have been involved in many service projects on both a local and global level. Most recently, I have been part of “Programa De Ayuda Humanitaria Venezuela”—translated as Program of Humanitarian Help for Venezuela—in which my family helped donate medicine, food, and hygiene products to be shipped out to Venezuela.

So, why Venezuela, and why this organization? The answer is simple: My school got me involved. My NJHS adviser asked our chapter members who was interested in helping with this organization as a way to provide aid to a country currently experiencing poverty, human rights violations, and political turmoil. I knew I needed to help.

After a month spent collecting materials for donation, my family and I delivered the materials. While we were there, members of the organization asked us to look for more students to volunteer and spread the news about this project. That is when I had the idea to use social media to reach out to my friends and ask them to participate. I used Snapchat, Instagram, and Whatsapp to share the flyer of Programa De Ayuda Humanitaria Venezuela as a way to reach not only my school, but my entire community. Using social media helped engage my fellow peers to donate and volunteer. The next time I went to Programa De Ayuda Humanitaria Venezuela, I was able to bring friends who wanted to help. We talked to the organizers and they explained more about the situation and even showed us videos. When we saw what was going on, I was in shock. That made me and my friends more eager to spread awareness about the situation.

Bringing your friends, family, and community members together to help a cause you feel passionate about is a great way to #EngageInChange. Through tools like social media, you can connect with a wider audience and get more help than you thought possible.

Nadine Rodriguez is an eighth-grade student at the TASIS Dorado Schoo in Dorado, PR. She is the eighth-grade class secretary treasurer, a member of the National Junior Honor Society, and part of the NASSP Student Leadership Advisory Committee.