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To get ideas for how you can #EngageInChange, visit the National Student Project Database to start brainstorming (or to share your own project!). This is a repository of more than 7,000 completed projects and activities conducted by students, for students. NatStuCo, NHS, NJHS, and NEHS advisers have login credentials to enable full access.

Share How You #EngageInChange

Filter Your Focus

Zero in on the three strands of #EngageInChange during your search:

  • Engagement: Educate your peers or the community about an important issue, such as an awareness campaign for student and faculty wellness.
  • Empowerment: Use student voice to take action in society, such as working with your local school board or hosting a voter registration drive.
  • Equity: Help each student reach their full potential by providing access to resources based on their own unique needs, challenges, and strengths.


Search for project ideas using keywords, school information, project type, project size, project location, and more. Member schools get unlimited access to project search results.


Everyone benefits from great project ideas. Use our online project submission tool to send us your project for consideration in the National Student Project Database. You don’t have to be a member to submit your project.

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